Your Totally Customized Triple Hearing Protection

  • Noise / Water / Wind Protection
  • 1 kit  to make your own
    2 pairs of earplugs in 5 minutes
  • 100% tailor-made to your ear canal
  • Washable & Reusable  Washable & Reusable 
  • Hypoallergenic paramedical silicone
  • Made in Portugal Made in Portugal
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Their lives have changed thanks to Tympo

Luc D
La ciotat France

A HUGE THANK YOU to this exceptional company which met my needs well beyond my expectations! The earplugs are really comfortable, unlike any I have bought before. Their effectiveness is real, the quality at the rendezvous. The handy little storage...

Paris France

I have been using Tympo earplugs for a week now because of my husband's snoring, I'm pretty happy, I put them on just before bed and now I don't wake up in the middle of the night because of the snoring. The product is effective, the caps...

Fabrice b
Paris France

Order arrived quickly, serious business, quick response. The earplugs are easy to make, the silicone is great, it looks like play do. Once mixed, we have plenty of time to form earplugs. The strengths are easy to put on, very comfortable and good...

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Buy 1 Kit =  2 pairs   

Sleep Soundly Again

Is your partner snoring? Neighbours making too much noise? Building works waking you up early? Working night shifts and need to sleep during the day? TYMPO © is the ideal solution, offering you hearing protection with earplugs perfectly fitted to the exact shape of your ear canal providing both noise protection and comfort. Finally sleep soundly and in complete comfort.

Noisy Activity Protection

Are you the home handyman, mowing lawns, drilling holes, hating the sound of the vacuum cleaner? Are you a music festival regular, motorsport enthusiast or just joining your friends at the local shooting range? TYMPO © insulates against noise thanks to the vacuum created in your ear canal from the perfect customized fit.

Interested in our solutions Tympo Pro ?

Dry Ears for Young and Old

Are you a regular at the local pool beating out laps, is the surf constantly calling you or do you like to ride the water windsurfing? Whatever your water activity, TYMPO © helps you avoid ear infections from water and wind in your ears with a fitted earplug personalised just for your ears. Get ready for your pair of TYMPO © !

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Buy 1 Kit =  2 pairs   

TYMPO Earplug Preparation Guide

10 minutes is all you need to prepare your own pair of personal custom fitted TYMPO earplugs. Just watch to our clear and easy to follow Video Guide.